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Our getting into golf program is all about getting beginner golfers to understand the game better and to create a clear path toward improvement. This course will show them what it takes to becoming a competent golfer who is confident on the course. This the perfect place to learn the golf basics in a fun team environment and to improve quickly. If you're just getting into golf or want to get into it, this is the best place to start.
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Do I need any experience?
No, not at all! That is the purpose of this course. The coaches and the program will build your knowledge and skills from the ground up.
What if I don't have any clubs?
If you do not have any clubs you will have the option to rent clubs and if you decide to buy clubs we will help make the correct purchase and make sure your clubs are fitted.
How will you know where to start teaching me?
We will allow you to join us for a free on course session so that you can meet the coaches and they can assess your knowledge and golf skills.
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Alexander Keets
I was ready to play Golf in no time!
I needed a program that would get me playing golf and improving as fast and as efficiently possible. I made the correct choice taking this course.

Jason Carpenter
I knew from the first class that this was my game!
The coaches did a great job of making golf and easy to understand game. I can now practice golf and socialize with my friends at the same time.

Jacob Demps
I never thought I'd enjoy golf this much!
I decided to try this program out and I finally see what all the fuzz is about! The coaches made the game so easy to understand. I only regret not trying the program earlier.

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If you're an adult interested in the program please don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment to meet with the coaches or simply have your questions answered either through email or through the phone. We hope to help you embark on the great and fun journey that the game of Golf can offer.