Geist Ladies Golf


Ladies! This program is all about having fun. Imagine playing golf without having 50 thoughts running through your head or your husband telling you what to do. In these classes, its all about getting you out to the course with your friends in a relaxing and social environment. Wine is also an option for these option if so requested. This program will teach you to play the great game of golf while having fun to maximize your enjoyment.
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Is this Individual or group oriented?
This is more group oriented than anything. This service is perfect for the group of ladies who simply want to get away and have a great time with each other playing on a beautiful course.
What if I don't have clubs and need a golf cart?
Do not worry all of these things will be available for renting.
Can anyone watch?
Yes if you'd like family or more friends to watch, they will have that opportunity.
Does this have to be a learning session?
Only if you decide it to be. If you'd rather have fun with your friends on course, then that will be the service provided for you. A coach will be with you for the first couple of holes if you have any questions or need help.
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Ladies, if you'd like to find out more, schedule a date, or simply inquire more feel free to input your information in the blank spaces above in order to contact us. We hope to provide you with the service and fun you desire from golf!